Virtual Tour Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Harvard Library Preservation Services. We are pleased to offer a virtual tour through the three-dimensional scanned images of our two conservation lab spaces: the Collections Care lab in Widener Library and the Weissman Preservation Center. This document and accompanying video provide tips for navigating these virtual tours.

We want to offer an inclusive and rich experience to all users, including persons with disabilities. If you have questions regarding accessibility within the virtual tour, if you experience any difficulty viewing this content as presented, or if you would like to schedule an individual guided tour, please contact us:

Collections Care: email, or call 617-496-2403.

Weissman Preservation Center: email, or call 617-495-8596


Entering the space:

When you click on the tour link, you will be dropped into the floor plan at the entry point for that space. It may be easier to see details if you click the “view full screen” icon in the lower right corner of the scan image. The “Help” menu icon, also in the lower right, will open a screen with “Navigation” instructions, and “More Help” explaining the features of the Matterport platform.


The entry point of the Weissman Preservation Center showing work benches, colored Mattertag circles, and clickable icons.

A close up of the lower right section of the scan image: a View Full Screen Icon, the words "Help", "Terms", and "Matterport."

Different view options:

In the lower left of the image, you can select the “View Dollhouse” icon to see a three-dimensional image of the space, or the “View Floorplan” icon to see a two-dimensional layout. From either of these views, select the “Explore 3D space” icon, in the shape of a person, to return to the tour.

Navigation in lower left: from the left: a caret to open the Highlight Reel, Play, View Dollhouse, View Floorplan, & Floor Sel

The Dollhouse view of the Weissman Preservation Center.  The Floorplan view of the Collections Care Lab.


Exploring the space:

To move through the space with your mouse, click on the screen to move or “walk” around, click and drag to shift your view or “look” around, and use your scroll function to focus your view larger or smaller. If you prefer to navigate using a keyboard, the up and down arrows move you forward and back, the left and right arrows shift your view, and the plus and minus keys focus in and out. For more keyboard control options, view Matterport’s keyboard shortcut support page.

A diagram of how to navigate the tour using a mouse or a keyboard, from Matterport's "Help: Navigation" menu.

The semi-transparent white circles on the floor are the available viewpoints between which you move. The colored double-circles throughout the space, called Mattertags, tell a more detailed story of our spaces and work. Click on or hover over the tags to expand a text box and view images, video, and external links. Red tags near your entry point contain links that will move you to other areas within the tour, or between the two tour spaces.

Entry point view of Weissman Preservation Center, showing the viewpoints on the floor, the colored Mattertags, and an open tag with a link to Visit the Collections Care lab.

As you explore the tags throughout the space, you can scroll through the text description, hide or show longer text by clicking the caret in the upper right of the tag, enlarge images by clicking on them, play videos small or full screen, turn on closed captions for videos with sound, and click to open embedded links in a new tab.

A guided tour:

For a brief guided tour of the space, open the highlight reel. Click on the down arrow in the lower left of your screen to bring up a horizontal row of images. Select the “Play” icon next to the down arrow or click through the images to move to the next stop on the tour. The tall yellow tag in your view will introduce the story of each highlight. Clicking on a tag, a link, or anywhere in the scan will pause the tour and save your progress.

View of Highlight Reel with images of tour highlights along bottom of screen, Mattertags, & expanded tag about Exhibits.

Further resources and feedback:

Please view the video of these navigation instructions to see how the tour will look for you [currently in development].

The transparent bar in the upper left of the screen, with the name of the space, will include a link to a short feedback survey. Please take a minute to offer your feedback on the tour experience. To hide or show this information bar, click the sideways arrow next to the name of the space.

A close-up of the upper left corner, reading Collections Care Lab, and "Learn more" with a link to a feedback survey.


Virtual Tour Instruction Video: