Conservation Treatment

Both Collections Care and the Weissman Preservation Center offer conservation treatment for the millions of books, manuscripts, prints, drawings, maps, photographs, and other holdings that Harvard University has amassed for research and teaching since its inception in 1636. The primary aim of conservation treatment of Harvard’s collections is stabilization for access and prevention of further damage or deterioration. Conservation treatments are undertaken in collaboration with the collection curator, bibliographer, archivist or librarian.

Treatment Services include but are not limited to:

  • Examination of condition and identification of format, media, original structure etc.
  • Reduction of existing residues, grime, and accretions
  • Removal of pressure-sensitive tapes and associated adhesives
  • Reduction of stains and discoloration
  • Mending of tears and splits
  • Reduction of planar deformations
  • Compensation for losses of paper supports
  • Consolidation of flaking or powdering media
  • Reattachment of loose or broken spines, covers, or leaves
  • Removal of old, damaging, or non-functional repairs
  • Repair or replacement of sewing
  • Rebinding volumes in house or via a commercial vendor
  • Opening uncut pages in volumes
  • Mold remediation
  • New acquisition preparation: inserting loose items into bound materials, constructing pockets for associated materials such as maps or media
  • Creation of custom protective enclosures

For more information on treatment services for your Library collections, please contact the Weissman Preservation Center or Collections Care at the email addresses below.  For treatment of non-Library collections or materials falling outside the scope of books, papers or photographs, please contact Collections Care or Weissman Preservation Center staff who will be able to provide additional guidance and resources for your collections. 

For assistance with General Collections, please contact:

For assistance with Special Collections, please contact: