Emergency Preparedness

Service Description

To assist Harvard Library repositories in mitigating and being prepared for collections emergencies, Library Collections Emergency Team (LCET) members:

  • Coach repositories in creating, practicing, and updating emergency plans
  • Collaborate with repository and facilities staff to identify and mitigate collections emergency risks
  • Maintain a cache of less common emergency supplies, available to all Harvard libraries in urgent situations
    • Collapsible, corrugated plastic boxes (aka Rescubes) in multiple locations
    • Small amounts of personal protective equipment, hand tools, ziptop bags, etc.
  • Offer group and customized training to Harvard Library and repository staff in emergency planning, response, and salvage
    • Comprehensive hands-on workshops
    • Tabletop exercises
    • 1-hour emergency response (train-the-trainers mode available too)
  • In the future, LCET hopes to coordinate a network of trained collections salvage responders for occasional deployment across the Harvard campus in support of large-scale emergency recovery.

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For questions concerning emergency preparedness and response for Harvard Library collections:


We encourage all Harvard libraries to develop a written emergency preparedness plan to prevent and decrease damage to collections that are threatened during an emergency.

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