Environment and Storage

Service Description

To help Harvard Library Repositories and Shared Services locations preserve collections by providing appropriate storage environments, Preservation Services experts:

  • Work with Repositories and local Facilities Management partners to articulate preservation environment goals and establish monitoring programs for temperature, relative humidity, pollutants, light and UV levels, particulates, and pests
  • Research and recommend appropriate monitoring devices and professional services
  • Maintain online access to eClimateNotebook to enable repositories to store, analyze, and report environmental data
  • Train Repository staff to gather and upload data
  • Assist Repository staff with interpretation of data findings to inform Repository/facilities management decisions about HVAC systems, storage, and housing/enclosures
  • Contribute to planning committees for renovation projects involving HVAC upgrades
  • Respond to urgent environmental issues to advocate for protection of collections from further harm

Facilities and Equipment

Preservation Services maintains a fleet of PEM2 dataloggers available for loan to Repositories and Shared Services locations. Preservation Services experts:

  • Advise on installation of dataloggers (location and position of logger to address preservation goals)
  • Liaise with the manufacturer (Image Permanence Institute) to address error messages, change batteries, recalibate sensors
  • Upgrade the equipment when needed

Request information and/or service

Email Preservation Services to request Environmental Monitoring information and/or services.

Urgent situations

Call your Repository's Preservation Liaison (list of Preservation Liaisons), the Library Collections Emergency Team at 617-240-2500, or the Weissman Preservation Center at 617-495-8496.


See also: Prevention