Guidelines for Careful Handling During Remote Consultations

By Nora Dempsey, Associate Collections Conservator 

Toward the end of 2020, Harvard Library Preservation Services (HLPS) staff shared guidelines for handling collection materials during virtual consultations. These guidelines were created in response to COVID-19-related restrictions on access to library materials and in-person meetings. We welcomed the...

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Caring for Collections 2020

by Christopher Sokolowski, paper conservator at the Weissman Preservation Center

Like in-person events everywhere last year, Harvard’s preservation community came together in 2020 to learn—and laugh—on Zoom. The annual Caring for Collections speaker’s event modified its format to three online live sessions this past fall, giving staff a view of preservation...

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Environment and Storage

Service Description

To help Harvard Library Repositories and Shared Services locations preserve collections by providing appropriate storage environments, Preservation Services experts:

  • Work with Repositories and local Facilities Management partners to articulate preservation environment goals and establish monitoring programs for temperature, relative humidity, pollutants, light and UV levels, particulates, and...
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