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Turning the Page

December 12, 2016
While Harvard's library digitization efforts have presented new opportunities for scholars to access and preserve sources for posterity, they have also brought their own set of challenges.

The story of Edwin Land

December 6, 2016
Baker Library mounts exhibit on long career of scientific inventor, founder of Polaroid.

Black Friday 1948: The First Polaroid “Instant” Camera Sells Out

November 23, 2016
A major exhibit about the formative years of Polaroid Corporation, drawn from the extensive Polaroid Archives donated to Baker Library in 2006, includes a tribute to the revolutionary Polaroid Land Camera that brought "instant photography" to the masses when it went on sale Friday, Nov. 26, 1948 in Boston.

Vast digitizing project will put Harvard’s colonial archives online

January 31, 2016
Harvard University has launched a project to digitize almost half a million items from its 17th and 18th century archives – the largest digitizing effort the university has ever undertaken. The letters, journals, documents and drawings tell the story not only of the nation’s oldest institution of higher learning, but also the history of our nation.