Needs-Based Serials Binding Guidelines for Widener

Starting July 2018, Preservation Services will adjust its commercial library binding practices for Widener serials to move from pre-emptive binding to a more needs-based program, as was done with monographs in 2009.  What does this mean? 

Serial Titles Housed at HD 

  • If a serial title will be housed at HD upon receipt, do not bind it pre-emptively.  Please send them directly to HD, following HD’s guidelines for materials transfer

  • Thin issues may be stored together in envelopes, while thicker issues may be individually barcoded and transferred.  This decision to envelope or not will be based on the physical characteristics of the issues (how many issues can be reasonably enveloped together); how you expect patrons will recall and use them and storage costs.  We do not recommend binding serials sent to HD, unless there are special considerations for these titles – anticipated high use, etc.  

Serial Titles Housed in the Stacks 

  • Many serial titles housed in the Stacks come from the publisher in sufficiently good condition to be stored in the Stacks as paperbacks.  Therefore, Preservation Services will not pre-emptively bind all serials housed in the Stacks only those that cannot stand properly on the shelves without binding (1/4” or less thick, floppy). 

  • Please assign individual barcodes to all individual serial issues to be housed in the Stacks and send them to Shelf Preparation for call number tags, edge stamps and security strips. 

Shelving and patron access concerns 

Access Services – Reshelving may request that certain serials with thin issues be bound to ensure proper access for patrons in the Stacks.  Any titles thus identified by Access Services should be accumulated until there are sufficient issues to complete a volume, then sent to Preservation Services for binding.  ITS should note this binding decision in the catalog record for the title. 

Conservation concerns 

Serial issues with the following conservation problems should continue to be sent to Preservation Services-Collections Care, Widener D-10 for repair/treatment: 

  • Loose or damaged pages/covers 
  • Split text block 
  • Errata or other inserts 
  • Items requiring pockets, such as discs, maps, charts 

Questions about whether or not to bind particular titles? Please contact Preservation Review at 617-495-2433.