Guidelines for Careful Handling During Remote Consultations

By Nora Dempsey, Associate Collections Conservator 

Toward the end of 2020, Harvard Library Preservation Services (HLPS) staff shared guidelines for handling collection materials during virtual consultations. These guidelines were created in response to COVID-19-related restrictions on access to library materials and in-person meetings. We welcomed the...

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Caring for Collections 2020

by Christopher Sokolowski, paper conservator at the Weissman Preservation Center

Like in-person events everywhere last year, Harvard’s preservation community came together in 2020 to learn—and laugh—on Zoom. The annual Caring for Collections speaker’s event modified its format to three online live sessions this past fall, giving staff a view of preservation...

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A Year as a Weissman Preservation Center Intern

by Oa Sjoblom 

As an Art Conservation graduate student at SUNY Buffalo State, I spent two years in Buffalo studying conservation theory, treatment, and ethics; learning about the materials and production of paintings, objects, art on paper, photographs, and books; and classes in conservation science and imaging. The last year of graduate training is a year-long internship at a conservation lab to...

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Preservation in a Pandemic – and Beyond By Harvard Library Communications Office | October 2020

October 29, 2020

Preservation Services has existed in some form at Harvard Library for over 300 years; its staff work to maintain, protect, and repair library collections, as well as develop and share best practices for preservation and conservation.

2020 has been a tumultuous year globally and at Harvard, as staff transitioned to remote work last spring and some returned to campus over the summer. Preservation Services has seen...

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Pandemic Preservation Projects

September 30, 2020

Preservation Services staff have been working from home on projects ranging from transcription to those using specialized handskills.

Directly and indirectly supporting Harvard’s massive effort to support online research, teaching, and learning spurred by the pandemic, the staff of Harvard Library Preservation Services has been working from home on many different projects over the past few months, some contributing to Library-wide and broader projects, like transcription, and others that are unique to specialties within Preservation Services. Here is a selection of...

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The Art of Comic Book Conservation

Fans of comic books will go to great lengths to keep their collections in top condition—storing comics in clear plastic or vinyl bags, buying an additional copy of an issue (reading one and leaving the other untouched), even sending away comics to be sealed in hard plastic shells. Yet, as Chloe Houseman, an intern in the Weissman Preservation Center’s paper conservation lab, recently explained at a presentation on the preservation of comics, most single-issue comic books were not made to last.


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